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Please consider making a donation to the Ambassadors for Hope Scholarship

Ambassadors for Hope has embarked on an initiative to help children with a parent in prison reach their educational goals by creating the Ambassadors for Hope Scholarship through an endowment at Millersville University. This scholarship will be awarded to an undergraduate student who has experienced parental incarceration. The application process will include submission of an essay that describes how parental incarceration has affected the student and their educational path. Financial need will also be considered. If you would like to support this scholarship, you can contribute online or by mail. To contribute online, visit https://www.millersville.edu/give/make-a-gift.php. To make a donation to the Ambassadors for Hope Scholarship, the donor should choose "Other" where it says "please direct my donation to", and at the bottom of the donation page, write "Ambassadors for Hope Scholarship" in the space for "Additional Information." Or you can also send a check to the Millersville University Foundation, Development Office, Millersville University, PO Box 1002, Millersville PA 17551. Note that the donation is for the Ambassadors for Hope Scholarship.


Ambassadors For Hope will be the premier advocate on behalf of children of incarcerated parents and their families.


AFH identifies needs and advocates solutions for the children of incarcerated parents by:


The Ambassadors for Hope is a community benefit network of agencies and faith based institutions whose sole purpose is strengthening families impacted by incarceration in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Our Mission is to provide information about resources available to strengthen families impacted by incarceration. As a community benefit organization, comprised of various network participants, we value a positive attitude, listening, advocating, educating, networking, and passion to serve children with a parent in prison.

We are committed to the children, caregivers, families, and communities affected by the issue of a parent being incarcerated.

We are a voice for the 1000 children in Lancaster County who have a parent in prison and often go unnoticed.

We are committed to ending the cycle of crime which affects our community by providing these children, and their caregivers, with the necessary resources to empower communities to be the change they wish to see.

Children Of Incarcerated Parents: A Bill Of Rights

  1. To be kept safe and informed at the time of my parent's arrest.
  2. To be heard when decisions are made about me.
  3. To be considered when decisions are made about my parent.
  4. To be well cared for in my parent's absence.
  5. To speak with, see and touch my parent.
  6. To support as I face my parent's incarceration.
  7. Not to be judged, blamed or labeled.
  8. To a lifelong relationship with my parent.

Ambassadors for Hope:
Serving Children with a Parent in Prison
Telephone: 717-584-6110
Email: ambforhope@comcast.net
Ambassadors Advisory Council: Robin Boyer, John Churchville, Robert R. Cooper, Dr. Mary Glazier, Mike Hansberry, Eric Kennel, Tara Lowe, Amy Marenick, Ken Marzinko, Tracy Rennecker, Dr. Carrie Smith, Jen Strasenburgh, Mark Unger
We meet the fourth Friday of each month.