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Lindsey’s Blog- the Family Services Advocate

Lindsey Ober, Family Advocate

As the days go by, I am getting more settled in my new position as the Family Services Advocate. I have been actively working with children to meet their basic needs and am putting a strong focus on the child’s connection with the incarcerated parent. Currently, I am working with a family that has three children and they are a wonderful example of how families can stay connected even while a parent is incarcerated. I was able to assist their mother with getting replacement birth certificates so that the three kids can go into the prison to see their dad. This family also participated in the Ambassadors for Hope Teddy Bear Program, which was extremely special to the entire family. Additionally, I was able to assist in getting a picture of a dinosaur that the incarcerated parent drew to the mother so that it could be put onto a birthday cake for the oldest child’s birthday. You can reach me at 717-299-2831 or by email at lober@compassmark.org.

Lindsey Ober, Family Advocate

PA Sentencing Laws and the Trauma Effects on the Family

James T. Hansberry, a member of the Ambassadors for Hope Advisory Council, and Lindsey Ober, Family Services Advocate, gave a presentation at the 6th annual Global Well-Being and Social Change Conference held at Millersville University called “A Closer Look: PA Sentencing Laws and the Trauma Effects on the Family”. This presentation examined PA sentencing law as applied to a case involving the accidental shooting of a young child by her older brother. The children found the gun in the living room of their apartment. It had been left there by a family friend with a felony record. The presentation examined the potential legal ramifications that could flow to the defendant. Lindsey Ober examined this tragic incident in terms of the traumatic effects this event had on the children and their mother.

Outcomes, Impact, and More!

Outcomes, Impact, and More! Dr. Carrie Smith, a member of the Ambassadors for Hope Advisory Council and associate professor of sociology at Millersville University, wrote a Family Services Advocate Program Evaluation for 2017-2018. As seen in the table below, the program has been highly effective in meeting the needs of the children, as the percentage of children needing assistance in every area decreased at 90 days. Family Services Advocate Program Evaluation

Do you know the difference between a JAIL and a PRISON?

In Lancaster County Prison, in February, the average stay was 113 days. 447 inmates were discharged and 457 were admitted*. *Warden’s February report

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Ambassadors for Hope and Millersville University announce the Ambassadors for Hope Scholarship for a student with a parent in prison. Scholarship details in summer newsletter!